Our Story

Making everyday living, comfortable, sustainable, and beautiful. 

Linen Oasis is passionate about creating sustainable and luxurious products that bring joy into our customers homes through gorgeous aesthetics combined with durability. 

Our goal is to create slow impressionable products soft and magical to the touch that will last a lifetime and then be gracefully recycled. 

How it all began.....

Our founder and all round beautiful soul Oksana's love affair with sustainable textiles began at the tender age of 10. Yes 10!

Upon inheriting her grandma or 'babul' as she loved to call her, Singer sewing machine Oksana set about designing and sewing her own dresses. She was the best dressed and cutest 10 year old in town.

Little did she know at the time that her passion for making pretty dresses would spark a lifelong passion for natural, sustainable luxurious textiles.

Oksana's adventures around the world over the last fifteen years have found her living in hot climate countries such as Singapore, Dubai and Australia during which time she has being lucky enough to experience some of the finer things in life!

So when it came to choosing a textile for use in her new adventure there was only one true, natural, purely indulgent, timeless and sustainable material she wanted. You guessed it -100% pure European flax linen.

Her love of bringing people joy and comfort in their everyday life has inspired a truly luxurious range of timeless linens perfect for any home.

Her commitment to slow fashion, buying well and buying once helps to ensure a more sustainable world for future generations. 

Live Beautifully, Live Naturally, Sleep Softly.